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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Google Features

Features Overview

A single search reveals four elements that separate us from our competition: comprehensiveness, relevance, speed and user experience. Almost as soon as www.google.com or an international Google URL is entered, the homepage appears on the screen. The clean design of our site makes it abundantly clear how to proceed and offers little to distract someone in search of information. Search results are clearly separated from advertising, which is identified as "sponsored links."

The speed with which the results are returned is even more impressive. We examine billions of web pages to find the most relevant pages for any query and typically return those results in less than half a second.

Though a basic Google search answers most questions, it is possible to customize everything from the language of the interface to the format of the results pages. You can search for images, multiple file types, pages in Czech or Turkish, news archives, books, patents, phone numbers, airline flight info or maps and driving directions — and that's just the beginning. By using the preferences page, you can also select the number of results returned and filter out adult content.

There's much more to what we offer, from an amazing spell checker to tools for translating web pages from one language to another or from HTML to a format readable by most mobile devices.

Other search features include: To use Google's built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you'd like done into the search box.
example: 5+5*5 = Search

To use Google to find street maps, enter a U.S. street address, including zip code or city/state in the Google search box.

example:165 University Ave Palo Alto CA Search
For a complete list, visit our features page at: features.html

You can also learn new ways to use our services by adding our Tip of the Day gadget to your personalized homepage.

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