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Monday, August 11, 2008

Google Gadgets

Google Code's Google Gadgets

Gadgets are simple HTML and JavaScript applications that can be embedded in webpages and other apps.

Simple to build
Built-in JavaScript libraries make it easy to create gadgets that include tabs, Flash content, persistent storage, dynamic resizing, and more. Use the Google Gadgets Editor to build gadgets quickly and easily.

Multiple sites
Your gadget can run on multiple sites and products including iGoogle, Google Maps, Orkut, or any webpage. Write your gadget once, and with minor changes it can run in multiple places.

Reach millions of users
Many gadgets are viewed millions of times per week and generate significant traffic for their authors. When users add your gadget to their iGoogle homepage for instance, they'll see your content each time they visit Google.

Gadgets powered by Google are miniature objects made by Google users like you that offer cool and dynamic content that can be placed on any page on the web.

Gadgets might come in handy when you're at work (to-do list, currency converter, calendar), at school (calculator, Wikipedia, translation tool), or just passing time (news, blogs, games). You can add gadgets you like to iGoogle and, if you have Google Desktop installed, you can also add gadgets to your computer's desktop.

You can now use gadgets to make your webpages even more interesting and useful to your visitors. For instance, you can add your city’s current temperature or a quote of the day to your own page. Just pick the gadget you want from our directory of “gadgets for your webpage,” customize that gadget, and copy-and-paste the HTML into your page's source code. Then, reload to see the gadget on your page.

Make your own gadgets

Gadgets can be a great way to present information you care about to web surfers everywhere. People can add your gadget to iGoogle or to their other pages across the web (which countless other web surfers can then see). Gadgets can be quick and simple, like the countdown gadget, or complex and professional, like the Entertainment Weekly gadget. And creating a gadget is easy — anyone with even a little experience with web design or programming can do it. Learn more!



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