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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stories by Googlers on the 10th Birthday

I recently had the chance to interview several long-time Googlers about the early days. To commemorate our 10th birthday, we've been revisiting our memories by digging into company lore. As fun as it has been to look back, of course we've also got our sights firmly set on what lies ahead.

Vint Cerf has some predictions about the interplanetary Internet, while Kai-Fu Lee talks about the growing ubiquity of cloud computing. Also featured are stories from early Googlers, like Craig Silverstein's memories of a certain famous garage, and Marissa Mayer's reflections on the spirit that has carried over from our formative years.

So take a few minutes to watch this blended tale of startup quirkiness and big dreams. And if you like, feel free to comment on YouTube.

Announced by Joscelin Cooper, Google Blog Team

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