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Monday, November 3, 2008

Plugin for the latest release of Google Chrome

When we launched Google Chrome two months ago, the response was overwhelmingly positive. We got all sorts of support and encouragement from many users, but we also got the most valuable resource we could ask for: feedback! Because of the variety of software and hardware configurations that exist "in the wild," users were able to find a few issues that we hadn't come across. In particular, they reported problems with Google Chrome's support for plugins used to play videos and show PDFs.

I am happy to report that we've made great progress in addressing plugin problems. The release that just went live is packed with plugin fixes, and early developer-channel users noted that plugin performance improved dramatically. You can read more about one of the improvements to viewing PDFs on the official Chromium Blog. Most importantly, if you tried the first version of Google Chrome but found that there were some bugs giving you headaches, give it another try. If you already have Google Chrome, you will get updated automatically, or you can download the latest version from www.google.com/chrome.

We've still got a long list of planned improvements, so stay tuned. And keep the interesting questions, helpful bug reports, and stellar code contributions coming!

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